Study finds extremely low use of weight loss medicines by veterans. Download PDF Copy; Reviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor) May 15 2019.

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The medications, a phentermine and topiramate extended-release combination (P/T) and lorcaserin, are the first new weight loss drugs to be launched in 13 years. P/T also slowed progression to type 2 diabetes in more than 70% of patients with prediabetes or metabolic syndrome, according to research recently published in Diabetes Care.

A System-Level Approach to Overweight and Obesity in the Veterans Health Administration.. Recommendations for weight loss medications and bariatric surgery are included in clinical practice guidelines for the management of overweight and obesity, but these interventions are underutilized.

Patricia Kime is a freelance writer who specializes in health care and medicine. She lives in Arlington, Va. Active duty troops and TRICARE beneficiaries now have access to a new tool in the battle of the bulge: FDA-approved weight-loss drugs that curb appetite, boost metabolism, or block absorption.

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Veteran Singapore. Laxatives are medications people use to help stimulate bowel movements or loosen up stool to ease its.

(Boston)-Despite the availability of new weight management medications and several clinical guidelines recommending their use as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for obesity, a new study has found that their use is extremely low (about one percent) among eligible Veterans.

Intensive Weight Management Program. The Intensive program (IWMP) is a 10-day, in-house outpatient program provided over 6 weeks for Veterans with a BMI of 40 or greater or a BMI of 35 or greater with severe medical problems due to obesity (uncontrolled diabetes, severe sleep apnea, high blood pressure, joint problems, or heart disease, etc).

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Only half of post-9/11 veterans with diagnosed mental illness even get care, according to a study by the National Academies.

A building at a veterans hospital in Virginia was evacuated on Wednesday after an "unknown chemical odor" – that later turned out to be urine – panicked officials. Around 2:30 p.m., the Hampton VA Medical Center’s mental health building was cleared due to the smell. Soon after, the local fire.

Weight management medications (WMM) are underutilized among veterans, according to a study published online May 15 in Obesity. Dylan D. Thomas, from the Edith N Skip to Content

At his darkest point, Bryan Fant was addicted to vicodin, benzodiazepine, prozac, Xanax and various other powerful medications. All had been prescribed by the Veterans Administration. is startling..

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