Congress considering benefits for Navy vets with Agent Orange exposure. Blue Water Navy veterans as victims of Agent Orange exposure. Thompson suffers from several ailments his ascribes to.

Wilkie cited high costs and insufficient scientific evidence linking Blue Water Navy veterans to Agent Orange exposure. "We’d been dealing with Congress for eight years and were unable to get.

GANSEVOORT, N.Y. – Ernest Belanger and thousands of fellow navy veterans have one more major hurdle to clear before getting the medical benefits due them for exposure to Agent Orange during the..

Bill to extend benefits to Vietnam vets' for Agent Orange exposure blocked “We kicked some VA butt,” said John Wells, a former Navy commander who represented the sailor who won the case. “We are moving like greased lightning.” For subscribers: Congress considers benefits for.

A new House bill could extend benefits. "Congress must pass H.R. 299 and ensure that all veterans exposed to Agent Orange get the healthcare and disability benefits they’ve earned. This is one.

WASHINGTON — A federal court ruled Tuesday that Vietnam veterans who served on ships offshore during the war are eligible for benefits. Navy veterans to Agent Orange exposure. "We’d been dealing.

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WASHINGTON — A proposal to extend health coverage for Agent Orange exposure to Vietnam-era Navy veterans. benefits law. The Republican chairmen of these committees are skeptical of the science.

Veteran creates company to provide employment and education to fellow veterans Higher education is a great option for veterans with the GI Bill. You can review your educational needs at the DOD MWR Library and/or look for schools using the VA GI Bill School Locat or . Join a Student Veterans of America chapter once you get on campus.

Agent Orange: Vietnam’s Ongoing Calamity.. how many vets exposed to Agent Orange, have survive 10 years after such crippling diseases have been diagnosed.. he deserves to get benefits.

 · Court rules VA must pay disability benefits to blue water’ Vietnam veterans: WASHINGTON – A federal court ruled Tuesday that the Department of Veterans Affairs cannot deny disability benefits to thousands of Vietnam veterans who claim exposure to cancer-causing chemical defoliants simply because those vets served in the waters off the country’s coastline, and not inland.

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 · Veterans who served on the ground or on the inland waterways of Vietnam are now eligible for Agent Orange health care and benefits. But existing studies do not show definitive causation between the illnesses suffered by the estimated 90,000 Blue Water Navy veterans and the use of Agent Orange, Lawrence said.

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"Agent Orange does. are not tied to exposure. Through his efforts and the efforts of others, 319 members of the U.S. House of Representatives backed a bill restoring benefits to Blue Water Navy.

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