prize-linked savings (pls) accounts encourage people to save money by adding a lottery-like feature to deposit accounts. Deposits into savings accounts or certificates of deposit (CDs) are held in a financial institution risk-free (just like traditional savings accounts or CDs), and depositors are entered into a drawing based on the number or size of their deposits during a given period.

In 2013, Alipay began offering money-market accounts. By last year, it had built that business into the world’s largest money-market fund with about US$243 billion. For banks, that’s yet another bite.

Prize-linked savings accounts work just like regular savings accounts, except that instead of earning interest on your money, you get a chance to take home a potentially sizable cash prize.

All the gains from investing in and learning to use the power file go to the customer, who saves both time and money. That savings creates the mass market. These assumptions aren’t conscious or.

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Banks hope to draw customers with prize-linked savings accounts that promise chances to win cash and other prizes.. And if you don’t keep money in your account you aren’t eligible to win cash.

Customers do their banking through Personal Teller machines in October 2013 at a Coastal Federal credit union branch in Raleigh, N.C. Special savings accounts that offer lottery-like prizes have become. Customers aren’t biting on prize-linked savings accounts.

After a year and a half, it seems customers aren’t really using their savings accounts to save. RiteCheck reports that only 20 percent of 872 accounts were "active," meaning they saw a.

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We’re talking about ‘Prize-linked’ savings or accounts, CDs or debit cards. They offer you chances to win big bucks just for saving money. In fact, more than two million dollars in prizes.

‘Savings marketplace’ Raisin offers new customers cashback when they open their first savings account through it and deposit at least 10,000. A 10 bonus is available if you deposit 10,000-39,999, 80 bonus on 40,000-74,999 or a 100 bonus if you’ve 75,000-85,000 – but you have to claim it .

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